Sunday, January 29, 2017

Limited Availability One Day Workshops with Nyle Gordon and Spencer Meagher!

Artists! Did you know?  2017 is the first year TWO PLEIN AIR WORKSHOPS are offered to you!!!

Saturday, June 17, 9am-4pm. (This is the day of the gallery sales, so you can relax and take a workshop while that is going on.)

Contact the artists directly to register.  Pre-registration required.  Limited availability.

Award winning watercolor artist and one of the Main Event Judges:

Spencer Meagher/Watercolor, $70, (618) 516-3860,; all you need to know is on Spencer’s website:

Award winning oil painting artist and one of the Main Event Judges:

Nyle Gordon/Oil, $70, (913) 944-9937,; all you need to know is on Nyle’s website:


Plein Air participant artists! The last day of the event, June 17th, 9am-4pm you can relax and sign up for a WATERCOLOR OR OIL PAINTING WORKSHOP! Then, 5-6:30 pick up your unsold work at the CCC, or check it in for an exhibit at the CCC.

Contact the artists directly to register.  Pre-registration required.  Limited availability.

Award winning watercolor artist and one of the Main Event Judges:

Spencer Meagher/Watercolor, $70, (618) 516-3860,; all you need to know is on Spencer’s website:

Award winning oil painting artist and one of the Main Event Judges:

Nyle Gordon/Oil, $70, (913) 944-9937,; all you need to know is on Nyle’s website:


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Public Sale Hours and other Fun Stuff (Including a PARTY!)

Three Days Only
Public Exhibit and Sale!!!

Thursday June 16th 10-5
Friday June 17th 10-5

Saturday June 18th 10am to 7pm
Special Pricing All Day!!

Last Bash Party 5-7pm
Come Party with us!!!!

Cedarburg Cultural Center
W62 N545 Washington Ave, Cedarburg WI

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cedarburg Art Museum event Tuesday 7pm Artist Talk

Paula Swaydan Grebel:  A Timeless Dialogue  
June 8 - August 28, 2016
   Opening Reception June 10, 5:30 - 8:30 pm 

rtist Talk, Tuesday, June 21, 7 pm

Paula Swaydan Grebel will demonstrate and illustrate the process that she takes in drawing inspiration from a work by a master artist and creating a painting in her own style.  The artist's current solo show in the CAM upstairs galleries serves as a backdrop for her presentation.
In this exhibition “A Timeless Dialogue,” Plymouth, Wisconsin artist Paula Swaydan Grebel returns to her earliest roots with her love of art history and inspiration from an early mentor, the late John Lincoln.  Lincoln, a former professor at California State University Long Beach, encouraged the study of old masters’ works for their treatment of visual space, composition, depth, interaction of figures, and more.

Before returning to the masterworks for study, Paula Swaydan Grebel had built up a fine repertoire of plein air landscapes and still life paintings to her credit.  Besides numerous other Best of Show successes before and after, in Wisconsin and elsewhere, Paula’s entry into the 2005 Cedarburg Plein Air Event earned her the Best of Show Award.  Thanks to the generous Ozaukee Bank purchase award and the eventual Gift to the Future Collection that formed the initial Cedarburg Art Museum Collection, visitors to the Museum now can enjoy seeing all of the award-winning plein airpaintings on display every summer.  Swaydan Grebel’s untitled oil painting, shown here, is that 2005 award-winning work.  Its painterly abstraction recalls the work of Fairfield Porter (1907-1975), once cited as an inspiration by Swaydan Grebel.  Paula liked the mid-20th C. artist’s expressive landscapes with exciting value shapes as she also strives to create expressive paintings that communicate on many levels.
Years later, after her B.F.A. degree from California State University Long Beach, Swaydan Grebel went on for further study in painting where she absorbed principles from mentors Ken Kewley and Stuart Shils who were instructors at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Kewley is a colorist who sometimes assembles collages of cut paper shapes.  Paula sought more of a painterly approach than Kewley’s hard-edge abstraction, however, and she found Shils’ abstracted landscapes to be so much more than capturing pretty scenery.  More recent contact with contemporary artist Janice Nowinski also stirred this artist’s interest in returning to historic masterworks for new inspiration.

While Swaydan Grebel had done small studies from masterworks in recent years, this Cedarburg Art Museum exhibition spurred the artist to investigate more thoroughly the way that figures can interact and define space on a two-dimensional painting surface. Historic artists such as Watteau, Boucher, Fragonard, Degas, and others provide ample subject matter for Swaydan Grebel as she explores abstractions in acrylic or refines tonality and hues of subjects in oil paint.  Interplay between historic paintings and the artist’s current compositions and explorations create “A Timeless Dialogue.”  This exhibition shows the process of exploration by an artist from earliest sketches, to small studies, to larger finished paintings. The acts of experimentation and exploration are important for this artist as she creates a sense of mystery and intrigue in each work.  
In Swaydan Grebel’s acrylic paintings, the artist pushes and manipulates the color fields into abstracted shapes, spanning a greater leap from the original masterwork.   Works in oil, however, require many layers of buildup of tonalities of color to create greater nuances and values as the artist experiments with achieving a greater resemblance to the original masterwork.

As a fine example in oil painting, Swaydan Grebel’s “Shepherdess, After Fragonard,” shown here, is a masterful blending of multiple layers of paint achieved over many months of layering.  Viewers of this exhibition will find the historic work of art from which the artist drew her inspiration reproduced on the gallery labels for a point of reference, so they, too, can make new discoveries and explorations by uncovering earlier works of art.

Paula Swaydan Grebel is represented by the Tory Folliard Gallery in Milwaukee

Cedarburg 2016: Day One!!!

"When one artist meets another artist on the street, in the field, or in the booth, we get it. There is instant camaraderie. Seeing a fellow artists battling it out to pay attention. We get it and are drawn to it. Why? 
It's a strange business we're in. Isn't it? This business of art. It's a business that stretches our own heart, mind and soul to pay attention to the stories, the pain, the beauty all around and deep within us. In the doing and in the sharing of our attention, our art, we hope others may pay attention to their stories, their pain and their beauty, and see ultimately, there is a common purpose and a reason to connect to one another. 

So the next time you see a fellow artist, doing their thing on the street, field or booth, offer a word of encouragement, or a nod of acceptance, or if you connect deeply with what they've paid attention to, offer to buy it. And if you value it more than they are asking for it, it's ok to write that check to match your value. 
 It will do wonders to fuel their passion to connect even deeper."

Steve Puttrich

Friday, May 13, 2016

Catch a GLYMPSE of a Working Artist...or How do I Find One? you drive to Cedarburg to catch some artists painting. Maybe you're an artist interested in seeing what the buzz is all about with this "Plein Air" thing. Or maybe you're bringing your kids to grow their appreciation of art or feed a budding talent. Or just maybe your a savvy collector of plein air work and you want to see the process and meet the artists. And this year the painting boundaries include all of Ozaukee County!

You could drive around town and you will most likely see some artists. But you know there are 150 artists painting for 10 days and you want to see more. Or you are looking for one particular artist whose work you follow.

Well having beta tested a great new tool last year we are ready to more fully utilize it this year. We have found a free tool/app for smartphones called Glympse and we have a number of artists who are willing to share their painting locations using this tool during Cedarburg this year.

How to use GLYMPSE?

Instructions for ART Lovers:

On your phone  go to the Glympse tab at the top of this page! (

You will see a map with little dots that indicate where the artists are painting. If it says "expired" it simply means they have moved from there and have not yet found a new location....or maybe they are taking a break! It's that easy!

Instructions for ARTISTS:

Go to the app store for your for Glympse and download's free! Also...please identify yourself with a nickname instead of your real name! Please do this well before the event and play with it a bit to make sure you know how to do it!

When you have found a place to paint then
1. Go to the Glympse app on your phone
2. Hit share location (Up arrow icon at top.) 
3.Click on SELECT RECIPIENTS by entering !PleinAirCedarburg and !Cedarburgpleinair (you must enter the ! first) and check mark it. This will add your dot to both maps.
4.Then select a time (watch me for button) amount up to 4 hours that you will be there.
5. Hit share. You will show up on the map on the Plein Air Cedarburg blog. After the time you selected has lapsed your flag says "expired". If you wish to disappear from the map altogether then exit the app.

How fun is that? Please join us and help us connect artists and art lovers!!!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Anne and Wendie's Most Excellent Adventure: Ozaukee County

Jonathan Clark House



Cows (It's Wisconsin!)

Virmond Park
No beach Access

More Cows

Concordia (Good place to watch a sunrise 
or a moonrise) Some Beach Access

Cows Everywhere!

Harrington Beach State Park

Boat Dock On Road just North of Harrington
Great place for sunrise!

Guess What!

Quintessential Wisconsin Farms Everywhere!


Annnnnnd Cows!


Waubedonia Park
(You could spend a whole day here!)

Stony Hill School


The Button Factory


Ozaukee County Pioneer Village